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What Can Liposuction Do For Me?

Liposuction removes unwanted fat which improves the overal shape and contour of the body. The target areas most common in men include abdomen, waist and flanks (love handles). In women the areas are abdomen, hips, thighs (saddle bags) and buttocks. Other possible sites include: upper arms, back, chest, cheek, chin, neck, calves and ankles. What […]

Questions About Botox

Botox has been called the single most revolutionary “beauty treatment” in the past century. People are familiar with the name Botox and the idea that it may stop or help slow aging or turn back the hands of time and improve one’s youthful appearance. But still, many do not know a lot about it. Let’s […]

What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy Bear implants is a marketing term or nickname for cohesive gel implants. Cohesive silicone implants are form stable, meaning the implants hold their shape like jello or their nickname, gummy bears. Standard silicone implant consistency is similar to honey. Because “gummy bear” implants are form stable they are less likely to leak if the […]

Luscious Lips and Dermal Fillers

Even if you were not born with Angelina’s plump pout, there are ways to achieve the luscious lips you have always desired. The path for creating beautiful lips all begins with skin care, but your transformation can be enhanced with dermal fillers. Exfoliating removes dead skin while stimulating blood flow to the lips. “You’ll get […]

Breast Augmentation Funnel

Patients seeking breast augmentation invariably ask about scars. Will I have them? Where will they be located? How big or noticeable will they be? One of the advantages saline implants have over silicone is the ability to place the implant (which is initially deflated) through a small incision, then to inflate them once they are […]

Mommy Makover

Among the many options for surgical enhancement, the mommy makeover ranks high among Utahans. This reflects the states population of healthy active mom’s who tend to have numerous pregnancies and often begin motherhood at a relatively young age. The goal is to reverse or undo some of the changes which occur to the breasts and […]