Breast Augmentation Funnel

Patients seeking breast augmentation invariably ask about scars. Will I have them? Where will they be located? How big or noticeable will they be? One of the advantages saline implants have over silicone is the ability to place the implant (which is initially deflated) through a small incision, then to inflate them once they are in position. This is not possible with silicone implants because they are fully filled prior to insertion, which requires a larger incision. One method to decrease the length of the incision, and in turn, the scar, is to use a funnel device.

The funnel device, known as the Keller Funnel, is shaped similar to a pipping bag a pastry chef would use to put icing on a cake. Here the implant is placed into the large portion of the funnel and the smaller end is placed into the incision. The implant is then delivered out of the bag through the small opening and into the pocket created in the breast. The funnel itself is a sterile device that is used for a single patient and then discarded.

This device was recently updated, now known as the Funnel 2, the new iteration is clear which allows for better positioning of the implant within the pocket. Along with better positioning of the implant and a smaller scar for most patients, the funnel also aids in potentially reducing the risk of infection. The implant is not directly touched when being placed it in its position, which means it doesn’t come in contact with the bacteria on one’s hands. In addition, it has a low friction surface which allows for easier, quicker insertion than manually pushing the implant into place. This method also reduces the trauma placed on implant and therefore reduces the risk of rupture.

A final potential advantage to using the funnel is reducing the overall time of the operation. The implant is quickly delivered, reducing risk to the patient related to anesthesia time, as well as the added benefit of reducing operating room cost.

I am happy with the use of the Keller Funnel and employ it in my breast augmentations without increased cost to my patients.