Luscious Lips and Dermal Fillers

Even if you were not born with Angelina’s plump pout, there are ways to achieve the luscious lips you have always desired. The path for creating beautiful lips all begins with skin care, but your transformation can be enhanced with dermal fillers.

Exfoliating removes dead skin while stimulating blood flow to the lips. “You’ll get a rosy, juicier-looking mouth that looks great untouched or with a slick of gloss,” says celebrity makeup artist Charlie Green. Next, apply a simple moisturizer to create a smooth canvas for lip color application. If you want an added bonus, look for a lip balm that contains hyaluronic acid, a powerful natural humectant that binds water to lips for a fuller look. Choosing a light lip color and using a smooth brush for application will help the lips appear fuller. Choose light shades over darker ones; it is a basic color theory that light colors magnify. To make your pout pop even more, brush a nude eye shadow along the cupids bow of your upper lip, says Wende Zomnir, executive creative director of Urban Decay Cosmetics. Most women have a bigger bottom lip, and this trick helps create proportion. Finally, applying a dab of lip gloss to the center of the mouth will complete your look for fuller and more luscious lips!

If these simple make-up tricks do not work for you, medical fillers are the best option to achieve beautiful, long-lasting results.There are a number of commercially available injectable fillers (i.e. Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, Scupltra, Radiesse, etc), and the best choice for any patient should be discussed with your plastic surgeon. Choosing the right injectable filler is based on understanding where they can be placed, the risk of side effects, how long they will last and how much they will cost. Natural collagen is what gives the skin a supple and youthful appearance. As we all age, wrinkles and loss of volume comes from the break down of our natural collagen. One of the best ways to achieve more youthful skin is to replenish the volume your skin has lost. Medical fillers can enhance fullness within minutes all while stimulating the production of your natural collagen.

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